Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 3 - KCBWDAY 4

The question of the day for the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog week is "whatever happened to your___".
Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something which you sent off to charity.

Well. Let's go with my Starving Artist hat.... I saw that Aimee had one and it was so pretty. I needed one too and the pattern was free. So I found some Berrocco Vintage Chunky at the Studio in KC and off I went. The hat was filled with memories of driving back from KC to NC with my car at the end of Spring Break. It literally got woven in at the final hotel the last day. I've worn it a lot since... :) 
I am being productive in the office modeling my hat... While finding unproductive things to do at Barnes and Noble on the unmentionable horrible day this week I stumbled up this- 

That's right: A knit your own dog book! Did I need this?  No. Did I secretly sort of want it? Yes. Was I a little miffed my favorite dog breeds were left out? yes! No English Setters or Shelties to be found, but they did include a daschund. wink wink. Here's a red setter: 
Super cute. 
I got my Mean Girls Yarn Club shipment! SQUEE! It's secret and exclusive so sorry I cannot picture it right now. Each shipment include: a nom (the chocolate kind), stitch marker with story about the evil woman theme, and a skein of hand dyed yarn from Knotty la in a MGYC colorway. This shipment's witch was one from a movie made from before I was born, so I was told. No wonder I didn't recognize her. But still very very happy for the package. 

Also if you're looking to listen to do a great podcast while cleaning/driving/etc: try Never Not Knitting by Alana Dakos or Knit Picks Podcast by Kelley Petkun. 

As always,
Fiber Foodie for Life. 

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  1. Your grandmother would love to have a knitted dog! Perhaps a must have book afterall?!? Wink, Wink. Love the hat, especially the color. What, no food to get you through the day?