Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the best wk ever

Soo. My lovely landlord was insanely generous and is letting me foster two 7 wk old kittens for a wk! There's a boy and a girl: five and thirteen. The boy has the spot on his nose, always looking at the camera. I get to name them too. :D It's awesome. Hopefully tommorrow's outing goes well and maybe I will hear from D. If not I'm perfectly content knitting and cuddling kittens all weekend. I started a new class: New World Cuisine. Today we really didn't have enough food to serve three classes, including ours, but did so anyway.... I had to eat some cereal when I got home. :( It's different since I'm in a new group and we have a group project due on Day 6.... Ours is on Spain/Peru and the new/old world cuisine. A subject I have absolutely no interest in but you gotta do what you gotta do. I Just loathe group projects..... Ahem. Especially when I'm working with a girl I had in a certain english project earlier this year. I was affirmed that shoving someone's face in the deep fryer would: A- melt off their face permanently disfiguring them B- I'd probably go to jail C- they would probably die and it would be construed as murder.


Here's five and thirteen. Any name ideas????

Happy as a clam!

<3 Kaitlin

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The new stash.

So... I went to Stitches South 2011 in Atlanta. My first roadtrip and fiber festival in one. Great fun!!! I didn't really control myself with the budget, becoming overwhelmed by all the pretties and ending up with a lot of wonderful yarn... ;) I've got some pics my proud purchases are: Glass needles (couldn't resist), Madelinetosh Vintage/Lace in Robin's Egg and a bright teal, and I won: a sk of Malabrigo sock (bright pink), a 20 patterns with Cascade 220 yarn book, 2 sk of 220 Heather Green, a Knitter's shirt and 5$ off a purchase. I got first runner up in the PJ contest which was cool. My pj's weren't that impressive but.... we had to "strut" to win a prize so I did a made up dance. haha. Comes in handy sometimes.

Still need to make some more eggs, and hearts. Somebody's birthday is coming... :D And I've got the sekrit project on the needles. Hint: it's green. <3 I also went to the Aquarium in Atlanta. It's the largest one in the world despite the massive amount of prepubescent teens and small children it was fun to look around. I'd love to visit during the day on a weekday where it's "dead." That would truly be amazing. I hit the Gaffney outlets on the way back as well. It made me poor but I got a new purse, dress, something from Juicy and a gift for my lil sis. PICS:

Knit Picks Nickel Interchangeable needles
In a della Q case 

Misti Alpaca for a Starving Artist hat

Some stash: Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn, Malabrigo Twist for me and my Mom

Madetosh Lace, Knit Witch Sparkly Fingering,  Have you Any Wool Luxe Sport 

Madetosh Vintage, Madetosh Sock

Hotel Bathroom! 

Glass Needles 

Madetosh Merino Light is the Pink, Sweet Georgia Sock (Brwn/Pink(

I learned Magic Loop! 

The one on the left is for my mom 

Aquarium Pics 


I really want to see that Prom movie. I wish College had prom... And Water for Elephants (yes it's just for Robert Pattinson). And here are the names of the colors of my yarn :D :

1. Tough Love Sock in Fondant
2. Smooshy in Beach Fog
3. Merino Light in Molly Ringwald (the name was the buying factor!)
4. Have you any wool in: Wish you were here.
5. Rios in Piedras (Mom's)
6. Rios in Arco Iris
7. Sock in Light of Love
8. Celestial Sparkle in Turquoise
9. Tosh Lace in Oceana
10. Vintage in Robin's Egg

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

best video ever

When you're feeling down this will cheer you up:


food truckin

I apologize for becoming a blog that doesn't update. As a blog reader, it irritates me when I don't have something new to peruse on someone's site after a week or so. I will attempt to designate a blog update day of the week in the future. Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta for STITCHES SOUTH, a gigantic fiber festival. I've got my audiobook (about knitting of course) and podcasts ready. I will update with photos of my newly acquired stash on Sunday. I have a super secret project on the needles this wk. :) It's for a good friend. Also my yarn broke while doing a decrease for my wispy cardi. It took an hour to rip back and fix but it's fine now.

A newer trend in the culinary arena is food trucks. Gaining popularity like yogurt and cupcakes, they've been seen in NY and TX for years. KC is home to 3girlscupcakes, Be Well, a coffee cake truck and taco truck. Charlotte is home to one that's absolutely delightful: Harvest Moon Grille. I was first intrigued by the sight of the bright orange trailer September parked in front of the Double Tree Hotel. All ingredients (minus spices/pasta) are sourced from within 100 miles of Charlotte. Grateful Growers farms brainchild, they provide absolutely phenomenal meat products from happy pigs. They also have a restaurant: Harvest Moon Grille, located at the Dunhill. We won't go there today. I started budgeting in for HMG Food Truck meals back in the fall- great value.

For 7-8$, I could get two meals out of one purchase. The salads are fresh and appetizing as sides. I don't eat salad, right Ginger? Ever. Except when the food truck makes them. Literally every single thing has been good, minus a cous cous side salad, which is only because the texture of any cous cous is not my style. The truck is seen at 3rd (I think) and Tryon Tues/Thurs 11-2pm, tucked away. It lingers across from Phat Buritto on Wednesdays 11am-2pm (free parking!). And Saturday mornings at the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market off Yorkmont Rd. E and I visited the market after the evil Elizabeth 8K race and chowed down on an egg, sausage, and bacon (mmm bacon) sandwich served on a yeast roll. Today I had a ham and cheese sandwich with pepper chutney on a yeast roll with a side of sweet potato bread. There's Jonathan pictured below, he's one of their friendly food cart manners. That's not a word. Oh well.

Mmm. My next post will feature: Fresher than Fresh Snowcones, a snow cone truck from KC. :) It's been featured in popular women's magazines like

Oakley, one of the Petsmart cats got adopted by a big tattooed man. They will be super happy together.

Tia also is getting adopted by a volunteer's sis! Her husband realized how sad she was catless... Wise wise man. Here's some cute pics of the furry ones.

I'm lucky to get to help out the furbabies. I'd love to be a foster parent one day- when I'm in a house. Here's a pic of one of mine: Princess Jewell.

ps. Cute kitten pic of the wk:  Baby P sez don't you dare touch my blue dog!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


After a long morning of lifeguarding: telling a man how to bob (shame on his swim instructor), deciding not to take a break since it's so crowded, and watching maniacal children dive over the lane lines I made a trip to Amelies. The 24 hr 365 day bakery has it's niche. I prefer to not go after 9 and run into the teenybopper or women stating how their husband doesn't have a job. Yes I can hear EVERY word you say when I am sitting two feet away. So starving my arse off and after a dire bathroom break, I ordered a turkey bacon croissant. A "waiter" delivered it to me five painful minutes later. He referred to me as homie, I suppose I should feel cool? Back to the sandwich, for those of you feeling hormonal and that you really need some sort of straight male interaction:
This croissant satisfies! Melty goodness. The owner once gave me a croissant for being pretty so I have some form of endearment to the venue. I need a partner in a crime to go with me one night and stay ALL night. The teenyboppers though cause general annoyance. Yes I see you making fun of the larger older woman someday all of you will become old and large. Remember that. This sammich will get crumbs all over you. Note to self: don't wear cords when imbibing.
Best of all queen city needlers meets here at 1 pm on Sunday's. It's 50 cents and so much fun.

Had to get the raspberry cream cheese danish when I saw it all lonely in the case. 

So I kind of missed Day 7: It says to discuss where you knit/atmosphere/environment. Anywhere! I used to do it on the bus where sometimes drunk men asked me what I was doing, at Amelie's, a coffee shop, at home. I can't do it at school (I wish)... there was a bad attempt in the fall. I'm sorry I can KNIT and LISTEN> the general public is just not aware of this fact. I ate at a lot of places. I had a bad few days. I am hoping they will get better. I made some eggs! :)
The Beginning:
So cute. Touch my heart and DIE. DIE DIE DIE.....
Ate at Owen's Bagel and Deli: YUMMO: Inside lies an onion steamed bagel sammich w/ roast beef and smoked cheddar. I don't care for it's unique name: "Hungry Heifer." Saying it to the staff made me feel fat. Don't make your customers feel fat...
They write on the walls here.
Kinda cool
I got an 8$ sammich from Sunflour on Day 1 of Horrible days. Salami and cheddar. Good but not worth 8$ thank you. My bagel sammich was 6$ and more filling. Got some Zada Jane's today and braved Sweet Tea. Please give me my 2$ and tainted tongue back. I am a Midwesterner through and through and found the tea to just give my food a funny taste.


ps. Don't think I forgot!
IS THAT A PLANE? A Car? A auburn/black/white pom pom?

Why NO. It's Baby Baby P. :) I miss her...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 3 - KCBWDAY 5

This is an experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create. There are no rules of a topic to blog about but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog. Sooo A photo journal it is! 

The last two days have had lots of food in them! :D for my tummy. :( for my figure. 
Some Tasty Yo! Mmmm. This is the chocolate/original swirl. Today  I had a large original flavor. Lovely E took us by Sunflour. I got a chocolate ganache cupcake. 
Also had a chocolate croissant by them on Thursday. 

I've got about an inch done on the right sleeve of my Wispy Cardi. I broke my yarn diet to purchase some perfectly Easter like Koigu for knitted easter eggs. I started to unwind it then realized I need an "in skein" photo.

Ready for knitting! I stopped by Matties Diner after the Gallery Crawl. I had purchased some lovely Proper Cupcakes. YUM Then indulged in fried pickles and the RARE chocolate milkshake made with CHOCOLATE ice cream... Cops at the Diner. hehe. 

My WIP: 
Finally a picture of my Day 1 Practice plate for Traditional European. It's beef stew over mashed potatoes with glazed beets. It all tastes bad but it was "A" quality according to Chef. Yay!

As always,

ps. BABY BABY P: I'm just like a lion, rawr. A really really cute lion.