Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday/ WIP WED

It's WIP WEDNESDAY!!! I don't have a picture of mine... 

Check more out at Tami's Ami's

Well. I am twenty today. It is crazy. I apologize for taking so long to post. :( 

I am almost done... with my stripy Katia sock yarn socks! They are my WIP, second pair of one toe up two circ's method,  which are for myself. 

I have a gift FO, Jane's socks. I used Silver's sock class for one toe up sock on two circ's method. I did seed stitch, worst idea ever, on the foot section and classic ribbing for the cuff. They fit me, I'm the one modeling and hopefully fit her slightly larger feet perfectly. One perk of a bf: handy cameraman for all important sock modeling. Pretty sure he laughed a lot while I posed.... Sorry it comes with liking a knitter. BTW: I am loving Yarn Harlot's days of gifts for knitters. My favorite so far is Sexy Knitter's Tool Tins, on Etsy (reppin KC!). Knitter's Tool Tin

 I'm letting the bf go rogue for Christmas and don't expect anything from him. I am secretly hoping for anything yarn related or Lovespell from VS, so yummy smelling. 


He's getting a gigantic box of Goldfish, (I mean it- it's huge), cookies for him and his family, a hat and gloves and maybe some body wash. I haven't decided yet... he said he would use that stuff if someone bought it for him. What do I want him to smell like?! Haha. 

I also have another gift FO, the Botanic hat by Stephen West, for my boyfriend for Christmas. It better fit his head, he's 6'4"... Modeled pictures to come.  I need to cast on his gloves. I'm knitting for him... you all know what  that means. 

YARN CAME! Some Bella's Lullaby and Alice Classic Sock from Sunshine Yarns  and my first Tanis Fiber arts  purchase: Pink label lace weight in Grape and Lilac. I'm knitting the Ombre Sweater  for the January 2012 KAL. Check it out on Ravelry! Paprika modeled with it. 

 I'm a big lover of free birthday stuff. I got this holiday package from Luna Bar Co for being on their email list. Sbux free drink. Along with free burger from Red Robin, free Firehouse sub, free Caribou drink, free Baskin Robbins, Free TCBY, free Rita's (which I can't use because their location is closed for winter!), BOGO Coldstone BOGO Orange Julius and free breakfast sandwich w drink from Einsteins. 

 My favorite present: Paprika the cat.

I got a mini crock pot and sandwich maker (uhhh where did come from Mom?...), for my birthday. I should start cooking again... 

I am hoping for yarn from Knit picks for Christmas.... I know I have a lot but... I made my wish list so specific and I heard that sometimes the free shipping takes a looong time so I am still wishful. 

Love, Kaitlin!