Thursday, October 20, 2011


I haven't updated in so long. I really enjoy just reading others blogs and looking at the pretty pictures. There's a whirlwind of emotions in me right now. I had my first and hopefully last skim on the top of a budding abusive relationship. Not good at all. I question why I let myself cry three times over a person not exactly worth crying over. Many times I only see others happiness,and accomplishments, especially with acquaintances I am unaware of their struggles, their hardships and their pain. Everyone loves something has lost something and hopes for something. Quote by I cannot remember. It's as if Jesus, was saying Hey Kaitlin. Remember me? Remember how much I love you an have great plans for you. Because right now you're idealizing and focusing on someone that isn't me. 1 Peter 1:6-8. My main struggles often have something to do with the learning process of male relationships. Why can't they teach that in class?! I would've studied. I am trying to remind myself that I deserve a friend or a dating candidate that I have fun AND feel good about myself after hanging out with them. I can't have someone putting me down (sarcasm is an excuse for insults, they are still insults nonetheless). This whole growing up thing is more difficult than I ever could've imagined... I will continue to pray for this guy, because I believe he needs Jesus a lot right now. I will also continue to pray for my future husband (I know you're out there- if you read this I'm Out here too! I promise I exist!! How great will it toddy ally meet and say I've been praying for you all of these years and I've got letters for you I wrote in my darkest times. To all the knitting blogs I follow: I read the updates every morning they make me smile. I love the fiber community. I am trying to be satisfied with the little things: how many blessings I have my beautiful cat Paprika and being able to create a sweater from a ball of string.

Love, K