Sunday, March 27, 2011

A weekend of food.

Soo. Friday I ventured to a local shopping center filled with ritzy stores like Tiffanys and Louis Vuitton. While being entertained by the real life versions of "The Real Housewives of Charlotte" walking around, I stopped into Pinkberry. The chain originated in LA years ago and sparked the yogurt trend that's led to: Orange Leaf, Red Mango etc.

I order a small original with strawberries. It cost 3$ ish. So expensive! I enjoyed trying the new spring flavor: Lychee with Lime. So for atmosphere, I give Pinkberry: <3 <3 Two hearts, the furniture is futuristic but it's not somewhere you're tempted to stay in. For product: <3 <3 <3, delicious and clearly fresh toppings. Bang for Buck: $$$- Too expensive for a college student, but good for an occasional treat.
I had heard awesome reviews of the Cheesecake Factory's Red velvet cheesecake from classmates so I shelled out my 8$ for dessert that night. Unfortunately,  I was unimpressed and wanted my eight dollars back! Cheesecake Factory is a chain, with large portions. The cheesecake was original on the bottom layer but an un natural tasting white chocolate flavored layer on top. The cake layer was moist and springy. I couldn't stomach the fake whipped cream. I give the Red velvet cheesecake: <3 for product. And $$$ for bang for buck. 

I needed dinner then as well and had a coupon for free garlic knots at Fuel Pizza. I made a to go order on the phone at the South Blvd location and got the Ultimate pepperoni. $14.70 for a 12" pizza, not a bad deal for one person. It was covered in cheese, tons of pepp, and garlic goodness. I didn't find the "two layers" of pepperoni that was stated in the menu description but overall: reheats well and very flavorful. 
I give Fuel Pizza: <3 <3 <3 for product, <3 for atmosphere (that location has NO parking), and $$ for bang for buck. Relatively affordable. 
I found some super cute Soap Chicks at Bath and Body works. I didn't buy one but if I had an easter basket ;) I'd want one: 
I purchased another pair of TOMS. They are the opposite of my purple and black pair... And found a cute window display at Nordstrom. 

Finally, last night after a hectic (read: awful) night at work and a CPR re-cert class I needed some good ole saturated fat. I weighed my options at 9:15pm on a Saturday and made a to go order at Big Daddy's Burger Bar on East Boulevard. I went all out and got the "Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids" with Sweet potato fries and chipotle ranch dipping sauce. They mean it literally about steroids: The 6 oz beef burger was topped with... two or three pieces of bacon, two or three pieces of jalapeno bacon, two tomato  slices, lettuce, onions, monterey jack cheese, and Baconnaise (bacon mayo~!). MM it was delicious. Meaty, and most of all : Bacon-y. The fries were thin, most likely frozen previously, and cold but that was alright. For atmosphere I give it: <3 <3 <3, the location was nice but again little parking. For product <3 <3 <3 <3: great food, bang for buck was: $$$. I couldn't afford to tip.... Total was: 12$ 

This week on the needles: Another pair of fingerless mitts. I'm halfway done with the second one now.

 I really really want to cast on for the Wispy Cardigan... I'd like to make a gauge swatch today. I wish I didn't have to go back to work at 6pm. Swim meets= Evil. (for lifeguards anyway) 

As always,

Cute kitten pic: 

Baby P says: WHERE'S MY POM POM??!!.
Behind you silly... 

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