Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The beginning

So. I've been told numerous times to start one of these. So here it goes. I aim to review local restaurants and  different yarns, notions, etc thus combining my passion for both food and fiber. Also you get a cute kitten pic of the day/week. :)

Baby P says: My what long whiskers I have!

Currently nothing is on the needles but by nightfall another pair of "Quick-Knit Mitts" designed by Jen Hintz with Fibro Fibers will be waiting. They are being made of: Universal Yarn, Classic Shades a machine washable 70/30 acrylic wool blend. The yarn is very fuzzy and squooshy though can knot on itself and felt when one is desperately trying to untangle said knot. In color: 714 which is a varigated yarn ranging from purple, gray and orange to hot pink. I've knit two pairs total before so it's wonderful mindless knitting. Here's my first pair (knit with Fibro Fiber yarn in Rainbow Reef)  modeled by someone I don't want creepers knowing.

This week's lunch spot was:

Fran's Filling Station.
 A local favorite with Facebook and Twitter specials announced in a timely manner. I dined solo and arrived precisely at 11:30am when they opened to avoid the dreaded lunch crowd. It appeared I was the first customer of the day and a pleasant waitress seated me outside, as requested. I chose   the... # ____ sandwich. The menu isn't available online which adds to intrigue but leads me to only allude to the actual name of the delicious sandwich. I chose it on white bread, and it arrived lightly toasted, spread with apricot jam, fuji apples, fresh turkey and melted harvarti (?) cheese. It was accompanied by the special side of the day Italian pasta salad. My only complaint was the pasta wasn't quite al dente but since I was most likely the first one to eat it that day, that could easily go unnoticed. I would definitely go back again since the bang for buck was: $$ ($ great value- $$$$- too expensive for the quality of product).  I ate half of the filling sandwich and all of my side with half of a sandwich to eat a few days later, still delicious all for about 10$ with tip.

As always,

(Fiber Foodie For Life- cliche I know).

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  1. Love the photo! Do they always serve it on newspaper? Apricot spread is an interesting addition to a sandwich.