Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's breakfast spot:

Sunflour Baking Co.

Tucked away nonchalantly on seventh street, a no frills sign decks out the bakery. Open since the fall of 2010, this venue will clearly make it's mark one day soon.  Once inside, the glorious display of orange rolls, "poptarts" and a variety of croissants will definitely tempt your taste buds. A five day or so repeat customer, this is one of the five minutes away bakeshops near my place of living. Out of the three bakeshops, so far it holds the #1 spot for product. Atmosphere is a bit austere with only metal chairs and wooden tables to sit at. They have free wifi but for some reason my phone refuses to connect with it each time leading me to become tearful and bitter. After tasting: a strawberry poptart, orange roll, chocolate banana muffin, blueberry "cream cheese" (quotations for the lack of cream cheese in this titled muffin), cheddar biscuit sandwich, nutella poptart and today a cinnamon roll my thoughts are confirmed. This was over a period of days, not one day - Are you crazy?!. Haha, actually if I had enough $$ I could definitely eat all of those in one day.

This bakery does baked goods well and at a fair price. I forgot that I did try the chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing as well. The icing was hard, flat and tasted like shortening base but the cake was moist and springy. I am proud to admit I am one day away from becoming mayor of the venue on Foursquare. Hoo-rah! as my previous Chef would say.

Today I tried the nutella poptart which was delectable and a cinnamon roll. The roll was criss crossed with creamy icing and the superb texture of the bread component stood out to me. It was a good size, not too large and not too tiny. It was rich yet light with just enough cinnamon lining the layers. The icing was a bit gelatinous not that "melt in your mouth" texture one hopes for. But overall I would get one again. It was as they say: "MMm Mmm Good." That's for soup, but who wants soup when you could eat something artery clogging?!

If any readers, right now that's you mom and my besties: can tell me why my phone deletes my downloaded podcasts and doesn't re-sync them every time I plug it in I would greatly appreciate it.

Today on the needles: I cast on another pair of quick knit mitts in the same Universal yarn. This time though, I am starting with the gray strand of color quickly working my way toward orange. Oooh. Ahhhh. After about an hour and half of work here's the progress:

And a close up of the variegated ball: 

My PU (parental unit), found a DPN (double-pointed needle) in my bed today. Does this mean I was meant to knit? Yes, adding the fact I dreamt about yarn the other night. I'm going to try to figure out how to add a side bar with abbreviation definitions of common knitting terms and other ones I use. My group in class made: waterzooi, frog legs for the rest of you who don't know that language the word is from. Mussels, another icky one and Dublin coddle, heart attack in a pan of: bacon, onions, butter, potatoes, and bangers (sausages). We got pretty nasty stuff, in my opinion, but that's simply my opinion. Now I know never to order the Waterzooi... According to the brave souls who tried it, no it doesn't taste like chicken. "Chicken-y texture but it tastes like something from the sea." - Brave Soul from chocolates class trying our frog legs.

As always,

 Goal of the blog: Rate/review local eateries of all kinds, also share progress on knitting projects and other random tidbits. Hopefully to jumpstart potential career as a food writer.

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  1. Love the photos of the kittens. Didn't realize you had so many! No knowledge or advice about the phone and pod-cast issues. Suggest calling AT&T to see what they might suggest. Sunflour sounds yummy...makes me want to bake!