Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday/ WIP WED

It's WIP WEDNESDAY!!! I don't have a picture of mine... 

Check more out at Tami's Ami's

Well. I am twenty today. It is crazy. I apologize for taking so long to post. :( 

I am almost done... with my stripy Katia sock yarn socks! They are my WIP, second pair of one toe up two circ's method,  which are for myself. 

I have a gift FO, Jane's socks. I used Silver's sock class for one toe up sock on two circ's method. I did seed stitch, worst idea ever, on the foot section and classic ribbing for the cuff. They fit me, I'm the one modeling and hopefully fit her slightly larger feet perfectly. One perk of a bf: handy cameraman for all important sock modeling. Pretty sure he laughed a lot while I posed.... Sorry it comes with liking a knitter. BTW: I am loving Yarn Harlot's days of gifts for knitters. My favorite so far is Sexy Knitter's Tool Tins, on Etsy (reppin KC!). Knitter's Tool Tin

 I'm letting the bf go rogue for Christmas and don't expect anything from him. I am secretly hoping for anything yarn related or Lovespell from VS, so yummy smelling. 


He's getting a gigantic box of Goldfish, (I mean it- it's huge), cookies for him and his family, a hat and gloves and maybe some body wash. I haven't decided yet... he said he would use that stuff if someone bought it for him. What do I want him to smell like?! Haha. 

I also have another gift FO, the Botanic hat by Stephen West, for my boyfriend for Christmas. It better fit his head, he's 6'4"... Modeled pictures to come.  I need to cast on his gloves. I'm knitting for him... you all know what  that means. 

YARN CAME! Some Bella's Lullaby and Alice Classic Sock from Sunshine Yarns  and my first Tanis Fiber arts  purchase: Pink label lace weight in Grape and Lilac. I'm knitting the Ombre Sweater  for the January 2012 KAL. Check it out on Ravelry! Paprika modeled with it. 

 I'm a big lover of free birthday stuff. I got this holiday package from Luna Bar Co for being on their email list. Sbux free drink. Along with free burger from Red Robin, free Firehouse sub, free Caribou drink, free Baskin Robbins, Free TCBY, free Rita's (which I can't use because their location is closed for winter!), BOGO Coldstone BOGO Orange Julius and free breakfast sandwich w drink from Einsteins. 

 My favorite present: Paprika the cat.

I got a mini crock pot and sandwich maker (uhhh where did come from Mom?...), for my birthday. I should start cooking again... 

I am hoping for yarn from Knit picks for Christmas.... I know I have a lot but... I made my wish list so specific and I heard that sometimes the free shipping takes a looong time so I am still wishful. 

Love, Kaitlin! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Winter 2011-Beginning of 2012

Rocky Coast Cardigan in Miss Babs Wowza! Luna Colorway Rocky Coast

Lenina Hat in Malabrigo Worsted Lenina Hat

Hermione Sweater in Knit Picks yarn (hopefully to be gifted to me over the holidays) Of Hallows and Horcruxes

Rustling Leaves Beret in Madelinetosh Sock in Robin's Egg colorway Rustling Leaves

Quilted Lattice mitts for Mom (gift) in Sunshine Yarns Rainbow club yarn Quilted Lattice Mitts

Cream and Sugar Cowl in Malabrigo Sock Cream and Sugar Cowl

Tanis Fiber Arts Ombre sweater (KAL) in TFA Pink Label in Grape with Jewel or Lilac (cannot decide)  Ombre

Starving Artist in Misti Alpaca Chunky Starving Artist

Silver's Sock Class Two at a time Two Up

Spring 2012

Owls sweater in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (gift hopefully) Owls Sweater

Cupcake mitts by Spillyjane in Knit Picks palette (again a hopefully gifted yarn) Cupcake Mitts

Knuckle Buster mitts in Sunshine sock yarn Knuckle Buster

Delysia camisole in Blue sky alpaca silk Delysia

Shawl Collared cowl in KP city tweed Shawl Collared Cowl

A wendy knits lace book project

2 pairs of vanilla socks

Summer 2012

Penelope the Monster toy Penelope Monster

Cat toys Mouse

Podster gloves - Sunshine sock yarn Podster

Soay cardigan - Quince and Co Chickadee in Glacier or Dogwood (Light blue or pink) Soay

Leg warmers

Peerie floors hat Peerie Floors Hat

Braided Ball Ball This one is especially for this man, Indy. 

Fall 2012

Featherweight cardigan in Madelinetosh lace Featherweight

Effortless cardigan Effortless

Fot cap by Hannah Fettig Fox Cap


Big Herringbone Cowl in BSA Bulky Herringbone Cowl

Kudos to Evelyn at Project Stash for inspiring this idea! :)



It's been too long blog. I will say in advance I apologize for the quality of any photos I post- they are all taken via iPhone. I wish I had a nice DSLR camera- but I know I wouldn't commit to the time of learning how to use it. I love reading all the knitting blogs I subscribe to each day so hopefully one day I'll become one that other's enjoy reading as well. I'll just start off with a picture of food and a picture of some yarn/project. I also want to post my knitting projects for winter 2011-winter 2012 (for each season), partly for organization and partly for motivation. I spend almost more time thinking and reading about knitting than actually knitting... Pish Posh.  Here are some Kansas City treats.

The Citron crepe from Chez Elle. This is one of my two favorites. I can never bring myself to order a savory crepe - the sweet ones are so phenomenal. It's filled with lemon curd and touched with raspberry sauce, strawberries and whipped cream. MMMmmm. Charlotte doesn't have any creperie's... tear. 

 This hear is from Nica's cafe, which has since relocated and moved downtown. The concept is unique- choose a dish and choose a cooking style (Cajun, italian etc). This is italian pasta. It's deliciously fattening. So yummy!
The BEST ham and cheese croissant anywhere- from Bloom Baking Co in City Market.

These beauties are from Stitches South 2011. My first Stitches- no classes just shopping. I have three skeins of Madelinetosh vintage in Robin's egg, one in Madelinetosh sock. I also have some madtosh lace in a beautiful teal. I would love to make a cropped sweater or regular sweater with the vintage someday. The sock will turn into the Rustling Leaves beret from Coastal Knits, which I love with all of my heart. I preordered so I got a wonderful coupon code, and bought the Shawl Collared cowl and Cream and Sugar cowl by Alana Dakos and the Fox hat and effortless cardigan by Hannah Fettig.

Shall post the projects later this week. Must figure out how to create links...  Happy National Knit blog  month!


Cute Kitten Pic of the Week: Paprika is modeling a Sunshine Yarn Harry Potter mini skein set.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I haven't updated in so long. I really enjoy just reading others blogs and looking at the pretty pictures. There's a whirlwind of emotions in me right now. I had my first and hopefully last skim on the top of a budding abusive relationship. Not good at all. I question why I let myself cry three times over a person not exactly worth crying over. Many times I only see others happiness,and accomplishments, especially with acquaintances I am unaware of their struggles, their hardships and their pain. Everyone loves something has lost something and hopes for something. Quote by I cannot remember. It's as if Jesus, was saying Hey Kaitlin. Remember me? Remember how much I love you an have great plans for you. Because right now you're idealizing and focusing on someone that isn't me. 1 Peter 1:6-8. My main struggles often have something to do with the learning process of male relationships. Why can't they teach that in class?! I would've studied. I am trying to remind myself that I deserve a friend or a dating candidate that I have fun AND feel good about myself after hanging out with them. I can't have someone putting me down (sarcasm is an excuse for insults, they are still insults nonetheless). This whole growing up thing is more difficult than I ever could've imagined... I will continue to pray for this guy, because I believe he needs Jesus a lot right now. I will also continue to pray for my future husband (I know you're out there- if you read this I'm Out here too! I promise I exist!! How great will it toddy ally meet and say I've been praying for you all of these years and I've got letters for you I wrote in my darkest times. To all the knitting blogs I follow: I read the updates every morning they make me smile. I love the fiber community. I am trying to be satisfied with the little things: how many blessings I have my beautiful cat Paprika and being able to create a sweater from a ball of string.

Love, K

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well. I don't want to pay 5$ to upload photos to ravelry so I'll be posting them here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

God isn't the one who is lost; we all are. God is where He always is... we need to stop trying to "find God" and instead rid ourselves of the things that we use to hide from God.

I was so deeply offended that someone would assume that it is one's fault that they feel void of God's presence. It is the worst thing to be told when you are so desperately trying to feel something that once seemed to be ever present, and then one morning is just gone. 


Some how. I agree with both email responses.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's been way too log since I've posted in this. Pictures will come when I sync my phone. A girl that I graduated with is 18 engaged and getting marries next June. This is extremely bewildering besides poking fun at the fact she can't drink at her own wedding or rent a car, it just freaks me out. How in the world do you know your identity enough to tie yourself forever with another person?! My vampire pimp cat is laying at my feet. They all laid on me this morning. Just what I needed... Only 2 wks and 2 days until my Tampa vacay ! ALONE. That's right. Hated how my boss implied traveling as a lone female is super dangerous. Whatever. I'm pretty smart and savvy. Always listen to my intuition. It will be a great relaxing time of knitting on the beach and listening to the ocean. :) now I can check that off my before marriage to do list haha. Although another vacay alone to an island would be fab too. I finished my first pair of socks! Too precious to wear...'on the second which has a lace heart pattern on the cuff. I spent today working 8 hrs and then spending 2'hrs laughing to damn you autocorrect .com. The things it writes for cookiemonster.'ha.' this summer is going by too fast! I hope I can make some friends my own age and find a church community (again with fellow college students) when I return that's my goal.

Whenever I feel lonely I remember: oh hi Jesus. And 90% off relationships fail :) a depressing fact when ones best friend decides to give her most precious gift to a guy who hasn't put a ring on it and doesnt even have a job.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

cute kitten pic of the week. I figure these only take a minute.

Effy sez: I will chew your face...

Actually I'm just mewing. Momma caught me at zee wrong moment.
UPDATE is coming soon.!

Subjects discussed: "Unwind" Retreat in Blowing Rock, NC.

The continuation of the Ember and Effy story (both proudly adopted within 3 days on display).

The failed attempt to eat at Food Truck Friday...
The successful attempt at eating at Food Truck Fiesta the following day and meeting the wonderful Simonie from 3girlscupcakes..


Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the best wk ever

Soo. My lovely landlord was insanely generous and is letting me foster two 7 wk old kittens for a wk! There's a boy and a girl: five and thirteen. The boy has the spot on his nose, always looking at the camera. I get to name them too. :D It's awesome. Hopefully tommorrow's outing goes well and maybe I will hear from D. If not I'm perfectly content knitting and cuddling kittens all weekend. I started a new class: New World Cuisine. Today we really didn't have enough food to serve three classes, including ours, but did so anyway.... I had to eat some cereal when I got home. :( It's different since I'm in a new group and we have a group project due on Day 6.... Ours is on Spain/Peru and the new/old world cuisine. A subject I have absolutely no interest in but you gotta do what you gotta do. I Just loathe group projects..... Ahem. Especially when I'm working with a girl I had in a certain english project earlier this year. I was affirmed that shoving someone's face in the deep fryer would: A- melt off their face permanently disfiguring them B- I'd probably go to jail C- they would probably die and it would be construed as murder.


Here's five and thirteen. Any name ideas????

Happy as a clam!

<3 Kaitlin

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The new stash.

So... I went to Stitches South 2011 in Atlanta. My first roadtrip and fiber festival in one. Great fun!!! I didn't really control myself with the budget, becoming overwhelmed by all the pretties and ending up with a lot of wonderful yarn... ;) I've got some pics my proud purchases are: Glass needles (couldn't resist), Madelinetosh Vintage/Lace in Robin's Egg and a bright teal, and I won: a sk of Malabrigo sock (bright pink), a 20 patterns with Cascade 220 yarn book, 2 sk of 220 Heather Green, a Knitter's shirt and 5$ off a purchase. I got first runner up in the PJ contest which was cool. My pj's weren't that impressive but.... we had to "strut" to win a prize so I did a made up dance. haha. Comes in handy sometimes.

Still need to make some more eggs, and hearts. Somebody's birthday is coming... :D And I've got the sekrit project on the needles. Hint: it's green. <3 I also went to the Aquarium in Atlanta. It's the largest one in the world despite the massive amount of prepubescent teens and small children it was fun to look around. I'd love to visit during the day on a weekday where it's "dead." That would truly be amazing. I hit the Gaffney outlets on the way back as well. It made me poor but I got a new purse, dress, something from Juicy and a gift for my lil sis. PICS:

Knit Picks Nickel Interchangeable needles
In a della Q case 

Misti Alpaca for a Starving Artist hat

Some stash: Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn, Malabrigo Twist for me and my Mom

Madetosh Lace, Knit Witch Sparkly Fingering,  Have you Any Wool Luxe Sport 

Madetosh Vintage, Madetosh Sock

Hotel Bathroom! 

Glass Needles 

Madetosh Merino Light is the Pink, Sweet Georgia Sock (Brwn/Pink(

I learned Magic Loop! 

The one on the left is for my mom 

Aquarium Pics 


I really want to see that Prom movie. I wish College had prom... And Water for Elephants (yes it's just for Robert Pattinson). And here are the names of the colors of my yarn :D :

1. Tough Love Sock in Fondant
2. Smooshy in Beach Fog
3. Merino Light in Molly Ringwald (the name was the buying factor!)
4. Have you any wool in: Wish you were here.
5. Rios in Piedras (Mom's)
6. Rios in Arco Iris
7. Sock in Light of Love
8. Celestial Sparkle in Turquoise
9. Tosh Lace in Oceana
10. Vintage in Robin's Egg