Tuesday, April 5, 2011


After a long morning of lifeguarding: telling a man how to bob (shame on his swim instructor), deciding not to take a break since it's so crowded, and watching maniacal children dive over the lane lines I made a trip to Amelies. The 24 hr 365 day bakery has it's niche. I prefer to not go after 9 and run into the teenybopper or women stating how their husband doesn't have a job. Yes I can hear EVERY word you say when I am sitting two feet away. So starving my arse off and after a dire bathroom break, I ordered a turkey bacon croissant. A "waiter" delivered it to me five painful minutes later. He referred to me as homie, I suppose I should feel cool? Back to the sandwich, for those of you feeling hormonal and that you really need some sort of straight male interaction:
This croissant satisfies! Melty goodness. The owner once gave me a croissant for being pretty so I have some form of endearment to the venue. I need a partner in a crime to go with me one night and stay ALL night. The teenyboppers though cause general annoyance. Yes I see you making fun of the larger older woman someday all of you will become old and large. Remember that. This sammich will get crumbs all over you. Note to self: don't wear cords when imbibing.
Best of all queen city needlers meets here at 1 pm on Sunday's. It's 50 cents and so much fun.

Had to get the raspberry cream cheese danish when I saw it all lonely in the case. 

So I kind of missed Day 7: It says to discuss where you knit/atmosphere/environment. Anywhere! I used to do it on the bus where sometimes drunk men asked me what I was doing, at Amelie's, a coffee shop, at home. I can't do it at school (I wish)... there was a bad attempt in the fall. I'm sorry I can KNIT and LISTEN> the general public is just not aware of this fact. I ate at a lot of places. I had a bad few days. I am hoping they will get better. I made some eggs! :)
The Beginning:
So cute. Touch my heart and DIE. DIE DIE DIE.....
Ate at Owen's Bagel and Deli: YUMMO: Inside lies an onion steamed bagel sammich w/ roast beef and smoked cheddar. I don't care for it's unique name: "Hungry Heifer." Saying it to the staff made me feel fat. Don't make your customers feel fat...
They write on the walls here.
Kinda cool
I got an 8$ sammich from Sunflour on Day 1 of Horrible days. Salami and cheddar. Good but not worth 8$ thank you. My bagel sammich was 6$ and more filling. Got some Zada Jane's today and braved Sweet Tea. Please give me my 2$ and tainted tongue back. I am a Midwesterner through and through and found the tea to just give my food a funny taste.


ps. Don't think I forgot!
IS THAT A PLANE? A Car? A auburn/black/white pom pom?

Why NO. It's Baby Baby P. :) I miss her...

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  1. The days will get better! Thinking about how a customer might feel, either in the names of your dishes or how they are served is an important part of providing customer service. The gesture of a free croissant can make a customer "for life" let alone have an impact on perhaps their crummy day! Living life thinking of others is a good way to exist. Pass on kind gestures, thoughtful comments, respect and appreciation...all makes for a better world.