Wednesday, April 13, 2011

food truckin

I apologize for becoming a blog that doesn't update. As a blog reader, it irritates me when I don't have something new to peruse on someone's site after a week or so. I will attempt to designate a blog update day of the week in the future. Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta for STITCHES SOUTH, a gigantic fiber festival. I've got my audiobook (about knitting of course) and podcasts ready. I will update with photos of my newly acquired stash on Sunday. I have a super secret project on the needles this wk. :) It's for a good friend. Also my yarn broke while doing a decrease for my wispy cardi. It took an hour to rip back and fix but it's fine now.

A newer trend in the culinary arena is food trucks. Gaining popularity like yogurt and cupcakes, they've been seen in NY and TX for years. KC is home to 3girlscupcakes, Be Well, a coffee cake truck and taco truck. Charlotte is home to one that's absolutely delightful: Harvest Moon Grille. I was first intrigued by the sight of the bright orange trailer September parked in front of the Double Tree Hotel. All ingredients (minus spices/pasta) are sourced from within 100 miles of Charlotte. Grateful Growers farms brainchild, they provide absolutely phenomenal meat products from happy pigs. They also have a restaurant: Harvest Moon Grille, located at the Dunhill. We won't go there today. I started budgeting in for HMG Food Truck meals back in the fall- great value.

For 7-8$, I could get two meals out of one purchase. The salads are fresh and appetizing as sides. I don't eat salad, right Ginger? Ever. Except when the food truck makes them. Literally every single thing has been good, minus a cous cous side salad, which is only because the texture of any cous cous is not my style. The truck is seen at 3rd (I think) and Tryon Tues/Thurs 11-2pm, tucked away. It lingers across from Phat Buritto on Wednesdays 11am-2pm (free parking!). And Saturday mornings at the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market off Yorkmont Rd. E and I visited the market after the evil Elizabeth 8K race and chowed down on an egg, sausage, and bacon (mmm bacon) sandwich served on a yeast roll. Today I had a ham and cheese sandwich with pepper chutney on a yeast roll with a side of sweet potato bread. There's Jonathan pictured below, he's one of their friendly food cart manners. That's not a word. Oh well.

Mmm. My next post will feature: Fresher than Fresh Snowcones, a snow cone truck from KC. :) It's been featured in popular women's magazines like

Oakley, one of the Petsmart cats got adopted by a big tattooed man. They will be super happy together.

Tia also is getting adopted by a volunteer's sis! Her husband realized how sad she was catless... Wise wise man. Here's some cute pics of the furry ones.

I'm lucky to get to help out the furbabies. I'd love to be a foster parent one day- when I'm in a house. Here's a pic of one of mine: Princess Jewell.

ps. Cute kitten pic of the wk:  Baby P sez don't you dare touch my blue dog!

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