Thursday, April 21, 2011

the best wk ever

Soo. My lovely landlord was insanely generous and is letting me foster two 7 wk old kittens for a wk! There's a boy and a girl: five and thirteen. The boy has the spot on his nose, always looking at the camera. I get to name them too. :D It's awesome. Hopefully tommorrow's outing goes well and maybe I will hear from D. If not I'm perfectly content knitting and cuddling kittens all weekend. I started a new class: New World Cuisine. Today we really didn't have enough food to serve three classes, including ours, but did so anyway.... I had to eat some cereal when I got home. :( It's different since I'm in a new group and we have a group project due on Day 6.... Ours is on Spain/Peru and the new/old world cuisine. A subject I have absolutely no interest in but you gotta do what you gotta do. I Just loathe group projects..... Ahem. Especially when I'm working with a girl I had in a certain english project earlier this year. I was affirmed that shoving someone's face in the deep fryer would: A- melt off their face permanently disfiguring them B- I'd probably go to jail C- they would probably die and it would be construed as murder.


Here's five and thirteen. Any name ideas????

Happy as a clam!

<3 Kaitlin

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  1. Such precious little ones. Hopefully they will find homes quickly! Great landlord to be so kind and let them stay with you! Happy Week!!!