Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's been way too log since I've posted in this. Pictures will come when I sync my phone. A girl that I graduated with is 18 engaged and getting marries next June. This is extremely bewildering besides poking fun at the fact she can't drink at her own wedding or rent a car, it just freaks me out. How in the world do you know your identity enough to tie yourself forever with another person?! My vampire pimp cat is laying at my feet. They all laid on me this morning. Just what I needed... Only 2 wks and 2 days until my Tampa vacay ! ALONE. That's right. Hated how my boss implied traveling as a lone female is super dangerous. Whatever. I'm pretty smart and savvy. Always listen to my intuition. It will be a great relaxing time of knitting on the beach and listening to the ocean. :) now I can check that off my before marriage to do list haha. Although another vacay alone to an island would be fab too. I finished my first pair of socks! Too precious to wear...'on the second which has a lace heart pattern on the cuff. I spent today working 8 hrs and then spending 2'hrs laughing to damn you autocorrect .com. The things it writes for cookiemonster.'ha.' this summer is going by too fast! I hope I can make some friends my own age and find a church community (again with fellow college students) when I return that's my goal.

Whenever I feel lonely I remember: oh hi Jesus. And 90% off relationships fail :) a depressing fact when ones best friend decides to give her most precious gift to a guy who hasn't put a ring on it and doesnt even have a job.

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