Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's been too long !

Well. I've been a terrible blogger.... I tend to read other's on my feed rather than post myself. I am in desperate search of a shawl pattern that was mentioned on a podcast (I think video podcast maybe the Knit Girllls) about a month ago..... It is in a e-zine internet online pattern magazine format and I CAN'T remember the name of it or the magazine. :( It is gorgeous and I want to do it for a wedding shawl one day far far away..... It makes my heart break that I didn't write it down. It's for the summer 2012 collection I believe of this e zine's premiere issue. I did take a screen shot of it on my cell phone from  I think the designer or another blogger's site, no copyright infringement intended.

If anyone knows what the name of the pattern is or anything please let me know!!!

Here's the photo screenshot of the amazing shawl:

I have two pairs of vanilla socks off the needles finished minus the heels (afterthought). Only other thing on the needles is a pair of "Hermione's Everyday Socks" by Erica Lueder made from Bella's Lullaby sock yarn from Sunshine yarns. It is working up beautifully- somewhat striping but not ugly pooling. The only WIP's I own now is a crochet scarf "Waves" I began a year ago--- it's MGYC yarn and ripping it out is very difficult so it's half frogged right now. I want to make a pair of "Jaywalkers" with rainbow Knit Picks Felici yarn. I also have two pairs of man socks to knit by Christmas- one for my Grandpa and one for my boyfriend Ryan. My mom sponsored his yarn it's a beautiful green.   I gave my Berrocco comfort lavender sweater pieces to Sandy from Charlotte Yarn to have her seam the shoulder's, sleeves and front. After that I'll need to add buttons and it will be wearable. I got a great project bag from ruddawg on easy. It has cheerful bird print fabric with a fleece bottom and drawstring top. I love it- and how affordable it was. I can't wait to put a new pair of socks inside to live. I am pondering buying a bag from Jordana paige tomorrow during the sale. They are selling imperfect bags for 50$ each not including shipping with all proceeds to benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation. The only large knitting bag I own is a Namaste bag that's no longer manufactured. I like it and how it has the pegs to stand up on on the bottom of the bag. I have successful stuck to my yarn diet  for ALL of 2012 minus one skein of Malabrigo lace souvenir yarn from Wild Fibre yarns in Savannah, GA. Plus the two skeins for Ryan's socks (which I didn't purchase and are for a gift so I feel like they don't count....). I have two long flat Sterilite containers full of yarn, one large tub full of crap craft yarn, and two fabric cubes of yarn in my closet here in Charlotte.
 Looking back at my knitting goals post I haven't done any of it. Haha. It's been a sock year- with my Spring internship at the Charlotte city club I was GO GO GO working 30-40 hour weeks plus 10 hours of JWU work and an accounting class I didn't get much time to sleep let alone knit. I will never forget the double wedding from hell- a 17 hour day ending at 1am. Now that it's summer I've got one online english class, lifeguarding and SA work. It's definitely easier. I am not looking forward to balancing four classes and two jobs for fall trimester. Turns out acc. to google- for every college credit hour  a student should study 2-4 hours outside of class. That means 36 hours of studying. I laughed at this! In the height of accounting class/lab I studied about 6 hours a week max. I do want to get straight As so I may implement more studying. I have a math class, event planning, macroeconomics, and life science. The science and math are freshmen level courses, I'm a junior so they should be relatively easy. They tend to involve online work which I don't enjoy. I feel for my boss, the Facilities Manager, at JWU Charlotte- because due to the DNC 2012- they must house about 500 police officers in the dorms. They will be leaving on a Friday night with freshmen students coming to move in the next morning at 10am. That not only means a ton of housekeepers will be needed in the middle of the night but the maintenance as well. It will be crazy but not as crazy as having the students moving in during the actual DNC in my opinion. I will traveling to Atlanta via Megabus at the end of August through that week to avoid the 50,000 people. :) I am interested to see how my trip goes. It cost me: 5$! That's right- 5$ for roundtrip bus travel to Atlanta with AC/wifi/ and luggage storage. The travel time is estimated the same as a car 4-5 hours (but will probably take longer due to traffic) each way. Still driving cost 70-85$ depending on gas prices plus 8 hours round trip driving time. Flying is about 150-200$ roundtrip, I got a deal for a flight in October for 100$ total. The flights an hour which is nice and short. Train travel is the most expensive 90$ each way.... and it takes a long time...

If the Megabus trip goes well it will be my go-to travel choice to visit Atlanta and DC. The boyfriend plans to use it to visit CLT as well. Depending on how far in advance you purchase, day of wk/# of seats already booked: travel costs range 1$-40$ round trip with a 50 cent booking fee. The company saves on costs by not having designated terminals for drop off, they drop off on a side street at major transit hubs i.e. CLT transportation center / Marta transit center in ATL. I've always wanted to be a regular traveler- enough that the flight attendants or drivers get to know me by name. So maybe that will happen over the next 16 months that BF's in Atlanta and I'm in CLT. Pretty excited to experience the Atlanta dining scene- there's over 60 food trucks. Charlotte has about 10 not including dessert/ice cream specialty trucks. An aquarium wedding would be awesome- bet that costs a fortune. haha.

I will be in my hometown of KC in a week! The bf is traveling with me- can't wait to see how he and my dad get along. hehe- My dad is super awkward/not super social. My family is teeny tiny and mainly women so my four cousins (that's total number of cousins people) are girls and I'm an only child.

If you're looking for some great podcasts to listen to/watch I highly recommend: Video: Wolfe Farms, Knittin on the Fly, the Knit Girllls, Studentknits (she's based in England- and has the loveliest accent. Audio: Subway knits, Knit Picks, 2 Knit Lit Chicks. I am thinking of starting one.... I have rock band on my laptop which acc to a google search is a good program for audio podcasting. I still don't really get the RSS feed details and computer language.. so we'll see.

I am also addicted to nail polish- it's been trending this spring on Pinterest etc. I think having nicely done nails make knitting more fun. I painted mine in Nicole by OPI (bought at Target) in Mer-maid for each other with two coats and a Zoya sparkle topcoat. I painted them Saturday and they started chipping monday. I did go rock climbing - so I blame that. They have stopped me from biting my nails for a record 4 days. The color is vivid and almost holographic- it changes from blue to green depending on the light and angle.

Indoor light

 Now in natural light

This is the unknown shawl- if anyone knows what the pattern name designer or ezine it appears it PLEASE inform me!! 

Hermione sock

 My awesome small sock project bag from Ruddawg on etsy (check out the clearance section if you're a poor college student like me)

 And now.. my girl Paprika. She has a weird thing for knocking over cups. I got up and she got mine.

 Her favorite box to sleep in since she was a kitten- my lil present
 Taking the photo made her head pop up!


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